I’ve been accepted into the Storyworld Studio Workshop run by Mike Jones, which is currently underway at Metroscreen! Finding it really useful, Mike has done a great job of puling together a refreshing and accessible new approach to developing multiplatform projects. So many new tools to use!

Here’s some more info:

The Metro Screen Storyworld Studio is an intensive Master Class/workshop for the development of rich, dramatic and sustainable storytelling in the interactive multiplatform world devised by Metro Screen and Storyworld maestro Mike Jones, winner of the UK ICTommorow Digital Innovation award for Film & TV last year.

Metro Screen sought: Big thinking writers, filmmakers and storytellers who wanted to create epic worlds for their characters to come to life in, not bound to any one screen or platform to take part in this five week studio from 6 June 2013.

The successful 2013 Storyworld Studio projects are;

Sisters of Manus Dei by PJ Collins
Nunsploitation, Crime Drama

State of Mind by Philip Denson
Psychological Fantasy

Haverhill by Julia Gregg
Psychological thriller/ Mystery

Alice in Underland by Yvette Harvey
Fantasy Fiction

Charlie Booker by Philip Lange
Historical Drama

Madam Greensprite by Liz McCarthy
Hard Science Fictio

Conqueror by Glenys McLaughlin
Science Fiction

Broken Sky by Cam Smeal
Speculative Fiction

Operation Paperclip: The Medusa Files by Roy Weiland
Action/Drama/Horror/Science fiction

The World of Christopher Crabbe by Jackie Young
Children’s Ebook & Game

“The craft of immersive, engaging storytelling is a timeless skill. Mike Jones will take participants into an expanded and enriched ‘storyworld universe’ and ‘character interaction experience’ played out in the interactive multiplatform environment of the 21st Century”  David Opitz, Metro Screen Projects and Productions Manager

Storyworld Studio is proudly supported by Screen NSW.




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    December 10, 2015

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